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An academic paper is a work that is created by consulting various resources to answer a research question. The academic papers are an amalgamation of the elucidation and assessment of the information that a student discovers, with complete credentials of the discoveries being made. Listed below are some of the steps which are used to write the academic papers. They are as follows:

  1. Choose a topic: Students should make sure that they choose a topic of their interest and also follow directions that are given by their teachers or professors.
  2. Proper research: Students need to research extensively for their academic papers. They also need to outline and organize all the information. Once the outlining is done, students need to prepare the first draft. After writing the first draft, students should revise it for comprehensiveness, succinctness, and clarity. After revision, students should make sure that they edit and proofread it.
  3. Finding sources: Gathering several perspectives to appreciate the complexity of the topic. Students should also make a reference for each source.
  4. Developing the thesis statement: The thesis statement should control, focus, or express the entire academic paper. Students should plainly state their position for the reader.

Writing an academic paper and working on it laboriously is one of the most difficult tasks that a student has to do. Following are some of the challenges faced by the students:

  1. Sometimes the topic of the academic paper is way too broad. Students face difficulty in focusing on the topic of their paper.
  2. Students do not know what sources they should use in order to complete their academic paper. Finding relevant sources is way too difficult for them.
  3. Another problem that they students face is forming a good thesis statement. A weak thesis statement is the downfall of an academic paper.

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